Tyramine Intolerance vs. Histamine Intolerance

Tyramine intolerance and histamine intolerance have a lot in common and can look similar. So what’s the difference?

seasonal depression
Mental Health

Seasonal Depression: 14 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

While some love the winter holidays, for others they represent stress… and depression. Here are 14 science-backed ways to combat seasonal depression.


Diet and Heart Health: American Heart Association’s Dietary Guidelines Go Plant-Based

The American Heart Association has always promoted healthy eating to prevent cardiovascular disease. However, their 2021 dietary guidelines may surprise you.


Weed 101: THC, CBD, and Hemp

Cannabis continues to legalize and gain acceptance throughout the US. But what is it? How does it differ from THC, CBD, and Hemp?

Mental Health

4 Reasons to NEVER Say “It’s All in Your Head”

You’ve heard the phrase “It’s all in your head.” Maybe you’ve said it. Here are 4 reasons to drop this phrase forever, and they all have to do with mental health.

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Christie’s love of science began when she majored in biology as an undergraduate. She completed her PhD in behavioral genetics at the University of Colorado Boulder and subsequently worked as a scientist and professor at University of Colorado’s School of Medicine. As a scientist, she and her colleagues studied the genetic contributions to complex behavioral disorders such as substance abuse, antisocial behavior, ADHD, and learning disability.

She lives in Denver, Colorado and loves hiking (it’s her therapy), science fiction, and coffee (decaf only… you do not want to see her caffeinated).

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