Is MSG Bad For You?

What is MSG? Is it bad for you? Can you be allergic to it? Check out the Rogue Scientist's MSG series and see what the science has to say.

If you have food sensitivities, or you’re just the kind of person who reads ingredients carefully, you’ve probably wondered about MSG, or monosodium glutamate. For example:

What is MSG?

How does it differ from yeast extract and “natural flavors”?

What are glutamates?

Is MSG bad for you?

And, finally, is there such thing as MSG allergy?

This 3-part article series will answer all these questions and more:

Article #1: What is MSG? (Part I: MSG, Flavor Enhancers, and Glutamates)

Article #2: MSG, Part II: Is MSG Bad for You?

Article #3: MSG, Part III: Does MSG Allergy Exist?


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